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The Project

Vivir para contarlo (Live to tell) is a long term work on gender violence, fight for fundamental human rights and social equality.
Starting from Argentine, a country that in recent years has experienced an increase of gender violence, Iím documenting this issue and the many different kind of violence women suffer focusing my attention on the Latin American countries where the problem is relevant.
The phenomenon of gender violence and its most extreme manifestation, femicide, is unfortunately so massive as to be transversal: from childhood to adulthood, no social class and no conditions is excluded.
Particularly serious in the many slums of the cities where people live in poor condition, criminality is very high and the youngster are in danger.

One aspect, which I have dealt with in depth and documented in various countries such as Paraguay, Bolivia, Chile, Brazil, Argentina up to Tierra del Fuego at the southern end of the continent, is the one linked to the women trafficking for purposes of sexual exploitation. An international network where many young teenagers falls into, victims of people who promise them the dream of a different life, a job, help them to illegally cross the borders with a false document forcing to prostitute themselves in the brothels in the biggest cities of Argentina and Brazil or in the touristic places of the deep south. This phenomenon that sadly involves about 24 million people in the world, most women and children forced into prostitution, traded as sex slaves, raped, abused and often killed.
Most were found dead after years or disappeared forever. This network is connected to the narcos cartel drugs traffic with connivance of local police.

My analysis of the issue also goes through totally different stories but linked by a common thread. For example, In Brazil Iíve documented what it once was the favela with highest rates of femicides in the country that now was turned to a matriarchal society with no tolerance rules for violent men born thanks to the work of some former victims. In Chile on domestic violence and feminist protests against police abuses during the rebellion against Neo-liberalism and the government of Piñera.

Other countries already covered or ongoing are: Mexico, Colombia, Venezuela, Bolivia, Perù, Italy, Spain, Ireland, Georgia, Iran, Armenia, Kazakhstan.

I strongly believe in the usefulness of this work that contains more than one goal:
Continue documenting several issues closely linked to gender violence, for making known to the wider audience of people the enormity of the violence perpetrated on women in its various aspects. Raising awareness of the problem is the most effective immediate solution to encourage more women to come forward to tell their stories and put pressure on governments.

- Shortlisted at the Leica Oscar Barnack Award 2021
- Finalist at the Prix 6Mois du Photojournalisme 2021
- Shortlisted at the Alexia Foundation Professional Grant 2019
- Winner 1rst prize at Valencia Photon Grant 2019
- Winner 2nd prize at the Days Japan International Photojournalism Award 2018
- Winner 3rd prize at the Luis Valtuena Humanitarian Photography Award 2018
- Winner Visas del ANI 2019
- Finalist in the current affairs & news category at the SONY World Photography Awards 2017
- Honorable Mention at the Hansel-Mieth-Preis 2021
- Finalist at World Report Award 2020
- Winner 2nd prize in the Documentary category at the KOLGA Award 2017
- Winner 1rst prize in the Editorial/General News category at the Tokyo International. Photo Award 2017
- Winner 3rd prize in the Problem category at the Moscow Direct Look Photo Contest 2018
- First Runner-Up at the Focus on the story grant 2020
- Finalist at the Hansel-Mieth-Preis 2020
- Finalist at Meitar Awards 2019 for excellence in photography
​- Finalist at Head on Photo Awards 2018
- Finalist at Lugano Photo Days 2017
- Shortlisted in the Documentary at the Kolga Award 2019
- Shortlisted in the One Shot category at the Kolga Award 2019​
- Honorable Mention at Perugia Social Photo Festival 2018
- Honorable Mention at the SIPA Awards 2019
- Shortlisted in the One Shot category at the KOLGA AWARD 2018
- Shortlisted at the Gomma Grant 2017
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