Often in the evening, when I don't shoot, I go and sit in a place to write a little. 
I seek meticulously till i found one who inspire me and that allows me to gather some ideas. In recent days I found it in a corner. Next to my corner there is another (in the true sense of the word), and close to that corner there is another. The East is full of corners occupied by people like me, objects moods on which my gaze inevitably goes to rest, my mind and my heart plays processes.
The Siamese diary is a journey to the corners of the world where the boundaries demarcating areas where extremes occupy the straight lines, where only the white and the black, the sweetness goes to bed with violence, people and animals are ghosts bump in the night and hide during the day.

The Siamese diary is a nightmare, a metrophobic and visionary path Indochina that the mere claim to grasp the surrounding reality and the entities that populate it with pure emotion.
Whirling thoughts, words written in black and white, separated by spaces made of light and shadow.

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The Siamese Diary