Ni una Menos | Argentina

 Blooming on the other side of the river | Transinistria
                                 Blooming Generation chapter #2

              Amores Perros | Argentina

              Women of Artsakh | Nagorno Karabakh

           The house of the rising sun | Philippines

   Blooming in the black garden | Nagorno Karabakh
                                 Blooming Generation chapter #1

     Summer is fading winter is coming | Kazakhstan

                              The Group | Europe

                  Once we were soldiers | Vietnam

                  Ghosts from the past | Cambodia

                               Italianskij | Crimea

                                    SS 613 | Italy

                    1389 | Kosovo

  Mekong Express | Southeast Asia

 The Siamese diary | Southeast Asia

                                    KMeters | World
                              Single images from old stories