​​​​​​​Ni una menos is an ongoing long-term project about feminicide and violence against women.

Starting from Argentina, a country that in recent years has experienced an increase of the violence against the women, m
y Goals are to continue documenting several issues closely linked to the violence perpetrated against women in other Latin American countries where the situation is alarming and in Europe making known, to the greatest number of people, the enormity of the phenomenon due to the fact that raising awareness about this problem is often the most effective immediate solution to encourage other women.

The work documents both the stories of women who have suffered violence or the fight of their families for justice when the victims are dead and  the struggle of social movements born to fight violence and protect the victims.

Countries where the work is ongoing:
- Argentina 
- Paraguay
- Chile
- Bolivia
- Italy
- Spain

Countries with stories already written and programmed for future months:
- Brasil
- Colombia
- Venezuela
- El Salvador 
- Mexico

Pdfs of the stories already realized and texts of the future stories are available on demand.

I strongly believe that it’s very important to give visibility to this topic and voice to victims like Adriana, Alika, Amira, Belen, Corina, Flores, Higui, Karina, Julia, Lucia, Margarita, Marta, Maira, Nadia, Natalia, Paola, Suhene and all the victims who doesn’t have and never had it, inspiring more of them to come forward to tell their stories and bring pressure on the governments to enact new laws that recognize and condemn all kinds of gender-based violence, to enforce the laws that already exist and to create means of daily protection through the visibility and strength given to groups born in the last few years that give daily concrete help to all the women abandoned by institutions and society in Latin America and in all the world.

Ni una menos
   The project


I have the honor to collaborate in the realization of this project with 3 amazing women, professional editors and journalists with a great experience on this topics and a long experience of activism on the field.
Their contribution is fundamental for my work and for the development of the project.


Independent Curator, Organization and Production Manager at Officine Fotografiche Milano.
Grants Coordinator & Editing 'NI UNA MENOS' 

Journalist at Pagina 12.
Texts Argentina and South America 'NI UNA MENOS'

Journalist and Chief Editor at FPmag.
Texts Italy and Europe 'NI UNA MENOS'

People who have also contribuited to 'NI UNA MENOS':

JAN-CHRISTOPH WIECHMANN (Journalist and Writer): Texts in German working with me on assignment for STERN
CELIA MERCIER (Journalist and Writer): Texts in french working with me on assignment for MARIE CLAIRE FR