Since I was a child, encouraged by my grandfather, I have focused my attention on far away countries and their peculiarities, geography, people’s cultural differences and literature. I was blown away by the pictures I would come across on books. While still a child, I started following my father on his many travels across Europe, that’s when I discovered my passion for photography and started taking my first pictures. My first camera was a Nikon F, a gift from my mother.
I was born and raised in Rome. Over the years, my passion for travel became a real modus vivendi, hand in hand with my two greatest loves: reading and writing. I couldn’t live without a notebook, my backpack sporting the national flags of all the countries I have visited so far, my camera, and the road: my faithful travel companion.  
I started traveling in 1997, I moved to New York in 1999 to undertake classes at the International Center of Photography (ICP) where i studied photojournalism. I have visited more than 90 countries, with a particular preference for Asia and South America.  I have worked as a freelance photojournalist and writer, following socio-historical and political events and focusing on issues such as war aftermaths,  violence against women,  minorities,  human rights,  migration,  the tragic story of landmines (to which he has dedicated years of work) and genocide,  which he reported on from eight different countries. I continued studying photography in Rome, and pursued a Master’s in contemporary journalism.

My works have also been exhibited have also been exhibited in USA,  England, Russia,  Australia,  India,  Japan,  Italy,  Greece,  Switzerland and in many important international festivals, earning me awards at IPA - International Photography Awards, MIFA - Moscow International Awards , TIFA - Tokyo International Foto Awards and IPOTY Awards.

My longterm work NI UNA MENOS about the feminicide and the violence against women has been shortlisted of the Sony World Photography Award 2017, was finalist at the XXI International Humanitarian Photography Award Luis Valtueña, at Lugano Photo Days 2017 and won the second prize at the Kolga Awards 2017. I was selected as one of the Emerging European Talents by the online magazine LensCulture and was one of the finalists at Portfolio Italia 2014-Fiaf.  My stories have been featured in some of the most prominent magazines and newspapers from all over the world and i regularly collaborate with International NGOs and  international magazines and newspapers such as Newsweek, Stern Magazin, Der Spiegel, Marie Claire, Vanity Fair, CNN, Internazionale, El pais, El Mundo, NZZ am Sonntag, Io Donna, Woz, Doc! Photo Magazine, il Venerdi, La Repubblica and many others. In 2015 I published my first photographic book ITALIANSKIJ,  about the Italian community in Crimea persecuted during the Stalinian Purges. 
Since January 2014 I have collaborated with the agency Echo Photojournalism, and in 2015 i have been appointed staff photographer.

I'm currently working on violence against women extending my long term project Ni una Menos to the other Latin American countries where the situation is alarming. At the same time i'm working on an other long term La Linea Invisible about the suburbs of South America and together with my colleague Gianmarco Maraviglia we are documenting the unrecognized countries through the stories of young people born after independence in the long term project Blooming Generation.

One of my favorite writers, Ryszard Kapuscinski said:
"Our world, seemingly global, after all, is not that a planet of thousands and thousands of various provinces that never meet. Turn the world means moving from one province to another, each of which is a lone star that shines on their own. For most of the people who live there, the real world ends up on the doorstep, the edge of the village, at most, on the border of the valley. The world beyond is unreal, insignificant and even useless, and what they have on hand and under the eyes rises to the size of a large casino obscuring everything else. Often the inhabitants of a place and those who come from far away have difficulty finding a common language, as each of them looks the place from a different perspective:
Those coming from outside using a wide angle, which reduces the image but broadens the horizon ... While the person's place has always used the Tele, if not the telescope, which magnifies the smallest details".


Albania / Argentina / Armenia / Belgium / Brazil / Bolivia / Cambodia / Canada / Chile / China / Colombia / Costa Rica / Croatia / Cuba / Cyprus / Czech Republic / Egypt / Estonia / Germany / Greece / Guatemala / Ethiopia / England / Finland / France / Holland / Honduras / Hungary / India / Indonesia / Ireland / Italy / Ivory Coast / Kazakhstan / Kenya / Kosovo / Laos / Latvia / Lithuania / Montenegro / Macedonia / Malaysia / Mexico / Moldova / Panama / Pakistan / Perù / Philippines / Poland / Qatar / Thailand / Turkey / Scotland / Senegal / Serbia / Singapore / Slovenia / Spain / Sweden / Switzerland / Ukraine / United States / Venezuela / Vietnam

International Center of Photography (ICP) New York (USA) 2000 | collective exhibition
Visual Arts Gallery New Delhi (India)  2009 | solo exhibition
Teatro Eliseo Rome (Italy)  2011 | solo exhibition
Officine Fotografiche Roma Rome (Italy) Mar 2013 | solo exhibition

introduced by Laura Garofalo (TG2) and Emilio D'Itri (Officine Fotografiche Roma)
Perugia Social Photo Fest Perugia (Italy) Jun 2014 | shortlisted
Fotoleggendo Festival Rome (Italy) Jun 2014  | solo exhibition

curated by Adriana Vicario Chavez
8° Festival Una Penisola di Luce Sestri Levante Jun 2014 |  winner second prize "Portfolio al Mare"
Lens Culture Emerging European Talents  Oct 2014 | selected  
Photolux Leica 2014 Award Nov 2014 | Finalist
Portfolio Italia 2014 - FIAF Nov 2014 | Finalist
Centro Italiano per la Fotografia d'Autore (CIFA) Bibbiena (AR, Italy) 11. 29. 2014 - 3 . 15. 2015

curated by Massimo Mazzoli
Phmuseum Feb 2015 | Photographer of the month
Wsp Rome (Italy)  3.28.2015 - 5.7.2015 | solo exhibition

curated by Mavi Caracuta
Head On Photo Festival Sidney (Australia)  5.1.2015 - 5.31.2015

curated by Lauran Vohmann & John Slaytor
Athens Photofestival Jun 2015 | shortlisted
Instagram photographic contest #shotastory  Jun 2015 | winner
Fotoleggendo Festival | Instagram collective Exhibition "#Shotastory" Rome (Italy) Jun 2015
8° Festival Una Penisola di Luce Sestri Levante (GE, Italy)  Jul 2015

curated by Barbara Armani 
Benaki Museum  Athens (Greece) Jul 2015
Make your Festival | Eutropia Città dell'Altra Economia | Rome (Italy)  Sep 2015
IPA 2015 - International Photographic Awards Sep 2015 | Honorable Mention in Deeper Perspective's category for "The Group"
IPA 2015 - International Photographic Awards Sep 2015 | Honorable Mention in People: Portrait's category for "Ghosts from the past" 
Lugano Photo Days 2015 Oct 2015 | finalist  
MIFA 2015 - Moscow International Foto Awards Oct 2015 | winner 3rd prize in Politic's category for "The Group"
MIFA 2015 - Moscow International Foto Awards Oct 2015 | Honorable mention in Photo essay's category for "The Group"
MIFA 2015 - Moscow International Foto Awards Oct 2015 | Honorable mention in Conflict's category for "Once we were soldiers"
International festival of Photography PHOTOVISA | Krasnodar State Institute of Culture Krasnodar (Russia)  10.15.2015 - 11.15.2015
Perugia Social Festival | Museo Civico Palazzo Penna Perugia (Italy) 3.11.2016 - 3.28.2016

curated by Mavi Caracuta
Auditorium San Fedele Milano (Italy)  5.5.2016 - 6.10.2016 | solo exhibition

curated by Gigliola Foschi and Mavi Caracuta
ANI prize at Visa Pour l'Image in Perpignan Sep 2016 | shortlisted for "Blooming i the Black Garden"
Indian Photo Festival | State Art Gallery of Madhapur | Hyderabad (India) 9.29.2016 - 10.09.2016 
IPA 2016 - International Photographic Awards Oct 2016 | Honorable Mention in Editorial: Other's category for "Women of Artsakh"
IPA 2016 - International Photographic Awards Oct 2016 |
Honorable Mention in People: Other's category for "Women of Artsakh" 
Foiano Fotografia Festival Foiano della Chiana (SI)  11.4.2016 - 11.27.2016  

curated by Chiara Oggioni Tiepolo and Mavi Caracuta
Foiano Fotografia Festival Foiano della Chiana (SI) | Portfolio Reviewer  11.5-6.2016 
TIFA 2016 - Tokyo International Foto Awards Dec 2016 | winner 2nd prize in Editorial: Politic's category for "The Group"
TIFA 2016 - Tokyo International Foto Awards Dec 2016 | Honorable mention in Photo essay's category for "The Group"

IPOTY 2016 - International Photography of the Year Feb 2017 | Honorable mention in Editorial: Photo essay/Story for "The Group"
Owada Gallery | Shibuya Cultural Center Tokyo (Japan)  2.25.2017 - 2.28.2017

Sony World Photography Awards 2017 Feb 2017 | Shortlisted for "Ni Una Menos" in the Current Affairs & News category
Kolga Award 2017 May 2017 | 2nd prize for "Ni Una Menos" in the Documentary category
Kolga Award 2017 May 2017 | Shortlisted for "Women of Artsakh" in the Reportage category
Sony World Photography Awards 2017 | Somerset House | London (UK)  28.4.2017 - 7.5.2017
ANI prize at Visa Pour l'Image in Perpignan Sep 2017 | shortlisted for "Ni Una Menos"
PhotoghVphy Magazine Grant Oct 2017 | shortlisted for "Ni Una Menos"
Lugano Photo Days 2017 Oct 2017 | finalist  for "Ni Una Menos"
Perugia Social Festival 2018 Dec 2017 | honorable mention for "Ni Una Menos"
XXI International Humanitarian Photography Award Luis Valtueña Dec 2017 | finalist for "Ni Una Menos"
XXI International Humanitarian Photography Award Luis Valtueña Dec 2017 | Palacio de Cibeles | Madrid (Spain) 24.1.2018 - 5.3.2018

ITALIANSKIJ (2015)   Ginevra Bentivoglio Editoria
HIP HOP STYLOGRAPHY (2016) - Cover and Photos - by Arianna Piazza  ed.Il Sole 24 Ore